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Regulation 16 consultation period now live until February 29th 2024.

What is a neighbourhood plan?

Neighbourhood Planning is a new system which gives local communities more say in planning the development of their local area in the future (in Cornwall initially to 2030). A Neighbourhood Plan (NP) allows parishioners to set out where new houses and businesses should go, and what they should look like, thereby protecting the local environment, heritage and the well-being of parishioners. To this end a development boundary plan (based on the old settlement boundary 2013) and green spaces have been suggested within the draft plan. Whilst our plan will have to be aligned with Cornwall Council’s recently published ‘Cornwall Local Plan’, it can be much more detailed, reflecting local priorities. Further information on the Cornwall Local Plan can be found here.

Why do we need a neighbourhood plan?

As the UK’s population increases, so too will the need for new housing in all our cities, towns and villages. Marhamchurch Parish Council wishes to support the community to ensure that any future development should be more consistent with the overall consensus of the community than it has been in the past. To achieve this, the Parish Council has been given approval to generate an NP for our parish.

Once adopted, after a community referendum, a NP becomes a legally binding document. Cornwall Council has to work to this when it considers every planning application or development proposal within the parish.

What can it do for YOU?

A NP cannot stop development, but it can:

  • Decide where any new development should be;
  • Control the size and style of development;
  • Influence the mix of housing, eg affordable;
  • Influence the number of second homes in future developments;
  • Ensure the character of Marhamchurch, the special landscape, historic buildings and beautiful coastline are properly considered within the planning and development process;
  • Set out what infrastructure is required.

YOUR Neighbourhood Plan

This plan has been developed by the Steering Group using the results from the Marhamchurch Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire 2021 and the grant funded services of an experienced Planning Consultant. It is your Neighbourhood Plan and if it is to be effective, community support and interaction during its preparation and future progress is essential. The plan was amended in the light of comments received about the draft version and has been submitted to Cornwall Council who will now steer the process to completion.

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