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November 27, 2021 - In Consultation Items

Consultation Day

A neighbourhood Plan gives a local community a greater say over how its area will develop in the future. It is put together by the local community, tested by independent examination and referendum, and ultimately becomes part of the Development Plan, helping to guide decisions about development in the area.

When the plan has been approved at referendum it will become part of the Development Plan for the area. This will mean that it will be used alongside other local and national planning policies to help make planning decisions and to guide and manage future development in the area. It will become a reference point for the local planning authority, planning inspectors and decision makers of all kinds – investors, developers, funding bodies, community groups and existing and future residents. Its delivery will be the responsibility of us all.

Here’s your chance to find out what happened to the Marhamchurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire that came out in January 2020.

Friday October 8th anytime between 4 -7pm in the Methodist Sunday School Rooms.

Please come along to this drop-in session to see what other people thought and make your views known.

This is the first, but a very important stage of consultation.

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