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Plan Overview

The Marhamchurch Neighbourhood Plan sets out policies to guide and manage development in  the parish. Based on the results of local consultation it sets out to help make Marhamchurch the  place that locals would like it to be.  

The plan states a vision for Marhamchurch, that it will be “a vibrant rural community, conserving  the best of our heritage, promoting sustainable living and enabling needs to be met locally, with  positive environmental outcomes”. 

Topics are dealt with under chapter headings and the plan contains 17 policies.

Plan Outline Structure



Explaining more about what a Neighbourhood plan is, how far the plan has  progressed and what its effect will be. 


Describing the locality and key local issues, and setting out the wider planning  context for the plan. 

Vision, aims and objectives 

Setting out the vision, aims and objectives against which the success of the plan can  be measured.  


Establishing policy for good, sustainable development, design and construction,  protecting against light pollution and flooding, and setting out parameters for  renewable energy schemes.  

Policy MNP1: Development Boundary 

Policy MNP2: Good Design  

Policy MNP3: Light Pollution and Dark Skies 

Policy MNP4: Flooding 


Explaining the context for housing provision in Marhamchurch and setting policy to support provision of affordable homes.

MNP5: Affordable Housing


Describing local community life and setting policy to help maintain its vibrancy and protect local green spaces, footpaths, bridle paths, cycle paths and other routes.

Policy MNP6: A Strong and Sustainable Community

Policy MNP7: local Green Spaces

Policy MNP8: Footpaths, bridle paths, cycle paths and other routes


Establishing policies to support rural diversification and sustainable economic growth, including telecommunications infrastructure.

Policy MNP9: Sustainable Economic growth

Policy MNP10: Telecommunications


Setting policies to protect and enhance local heritage, landscape, coast and biodiversity and to address the climate emergency.

Policy MNP11: Heritage Assets

Policy MNP 12: Protecting the Landscape

Policy MNP13: Safeguarding the Coast

Delivery and Monitoring

Describing the roles of public and private sectors in helping to deliver the plan and explaining how its success can be monitored.

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